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  • Seaboard Cup brings Tain/Alness rivalry to a head

    The competitive history between Alness Athletic and Tain Thistle has been one of the Ross-shire Welfare's most see-saw battles of the past three years. Over ten games, in short, Alness have never won in Tain, and Tain have never won in Alness. This Saturday, something will have to give, as they meet on neutral territory for the first time in the Seaboard Cup final at Balintore.<br /><br />Athletic were formed in 2009, but it could be argued that the rivalry began in 2008, a year before they filled the void left by amateur bound Black Rock Rovers. Many of the current Alness Athletic team played for the Rocks during that season, during which the Rocks controversially pipped the Jags to the league title. Much like the history between Alness and Tain, the Rocks won the Evanton leg of their league fixtures while Thistle comfortably won by 3 goals to nil in Tain.<br /><br /><img border="0" align="none" alt="" src="http://www.tainthistle.co.uk/news/data/upimages/rocksgame2008.jpg"><br /><br />Thistle made amends for the championship loss by winning the Ross-shire Welfare league the following year, however in both league and cup competition, they could not record a win in Alness, despite winning 2-1 in Tain.<br /><br />This season has proved no different. Alness Athletic, who up until last week could boast a 100% record against every other team team during their very impressive league campaign, could only draw 2-2 with Thistle in Tain. <br /><br />The atmosphere and setting of a cup final will make for an entirely different game, no doubt, and with both teams scoring for fun on the way to the final (ten for Alness and twelve for Tain, in only two games), both sides are hitting form. Lower Seaboard Park was the venue for the Jags' last cup win, as they secured the League Cup last season. The Thistle players and supporters will be hoping that history can repeat itself next Saturday.<br /><br /><img border="0" align="none" alt="" src="http://www.tainthistle.co.uk/news/data/upimages/tainalness460.jpg"><br /><br />13/5/09 - Tain Thistle 2-1 Alness Athletic<br />1/7/09 - Alness Athletic 4-3 Tain Thistle<br />1/8/09 - Alness Athletic 3-0 Tain Thistle (Coronation Cup)<br />8/5/10 - Tain Thistle 2-1 Alness Athletic (League Cup)<br />12/5/10 - Tain Thistle 0-0 Alness Athletic<br />30/6/10 - Alness Athletic 2-0 Tain Thistle<br />11/5/11 - Tain Thistle 2-2 Alness Athletic<br />29/6/11 - Alness Athletic 4-1 Tain Thistle (Seaboard Cup/League double header)<br />9/5/12 - Tain Thistle 2-2 Alness Athletic<br />27/6/12 - Alness Athletic 2-1 Tain Thistle

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